Every "object of light" is handmade. Every aspect of the creation process is manual and, therefore, unique. The technique consists of illuminating a mosaic of glass, thereby creating individual 'object of light'. His lamp sculptures are born in his native town in a location known as "Lama Monachile", situated in spectacular terrace on a seaside cliff that serves as both a laboratory and atelier. Here art is living and continues to transform, as does the nature that creates the setting for Peppino's art. And it is because of this natural setting that the atelier is "wunderkammer" and attracts and welcomes artists from around the world, whose works contribute to the manual and handmade collection of the location. These include the works of Argentinian sculptor Hermann Mejer, the recycled iron sculptors of Simone Bellotti, the paintings of Giuseppe Teofilo, Niki Carmosino and Tony Prayer.

And so, Peppino Campanello affirms his vocation as art designer.

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